5.2 Zaman University provides different services to students lead as it follows:

Student affairs Office - deals with the admission and all the administrative aspects of student experience;

Academic Support Unit - provides academic support and monitor drop out and low performances as well as satisfaction of the students;

Career Office - helps the students in academic counseling, master scholarships, career development.

5.2.1 Documents on student services;

5.2.2 List of CVs of key administrative personnel;

5.2.3 Job descriptions of administrative personnel;

5.2.3 A structure appropriate to the delivery of student support services (organizational chart and workload); As you can see in the Organizational chart, student services are mainly provided by three offices:

a. Office of Student affairs deals with admission, enrollment,

b. Academic Support Unit helps students in the academic aspects of their University experience

c. Career Office provides support for scholarships, Master programs, job market.

Student advising policy is indicated in a specific section of the Student Handbook

5.2.4 Staff development training.