6.1 Facilities, instructional equipment, library services.

Zaman University is proud of its highly modern and facilities wich inlude....

Zaman University library, located on the first floor, has approximately 4400 books, access to more than 2000 e-journals and more than one million online images, letters, and other primary sources. All of these collections are available for students and library members’ use on campus.

6.2 The book collection, references, journals and other learning materials should be sufficient to support the institution’s academic programs.


6.3.1 - Recruitment criteria for librarians; Recruitment criteria for librarian follows the requirement standard and the hiring procedures described in the Hiring policy

6.3.2 Training programs for librarians;

6.3.3 CVs of librarians;

6.3.4 Workload for librarians.

Librarians workload is consistent with norms about work and cover the entirely the open time of Zaman Library.

6.4 4 The library is open for a sufficient number of hours to meet the needs of students and faculty.

Working hours of Zaman library are between 08:00 and 17:00 every day except Sunday.

6.4.1 Policies on library use.

Students can find instruction about library use in the specific section of the Student Handbook.

6.5 The library staff provides students and faculty with appropriate orientation programs on how to use the library and other available information resources.

6.5.1 Library orientation program for students and faculty;

6.5.2 Programs that promote student use of a variety of information and learning resources.

6.6 Students and faculty have access to electronic resources, appropriate to their program and level of study.

6.6.1 List of electronic resources available in the library;

Zaman University library has a large collection of online resources, including e-books, videos and other types of media materials and e-journals. Members may reach to the online resources with using computers in library, in computer room, or from their own computers with using university Internet connection.

Zaman University signed membership agreements with prestigious organizations that deliver academic and general ejournals, ebooks and multimedia resources. Some of these organizations are briefly described below.


Oxford Reference Online

IOP Publishing

Cambridge Journals



6.6.2 Computers equipped with Internet.


6.7 The library has both short and long-range plans, supported by adequate budgets, for enhancing the library collection.


6.7.1 Library Development Plan;

6.7.2 Budget allocation and expenditures for the library;

6.7.3 Data on library acquisition of books, journals, and other references.

6.8 The institution has a sufficient number of well- equipped laboratories, both general and specific, to support the teaching, learning and research needs of all of its programs.

6.8.1 Policies on laboratory use;

6.8.2 Inventory of laboratory.

6..9 A short and long-range plan for the development of the laboratories exists.

6.9.1 - Development plan for laboratories.

6.10 The institution has adequate and properly trained staff to support the laboratory operations for teaching, and learning. 6.10.1 CVs of staff;

6.10.2 Training programs for staff on laboratory operations;

6.10.3 Job description, and workload of staff.

6.11 Safety policies are enforced.

6.11.1 Policies on safety and safety signs.

6.12 There are adequate technology support and Internet for learning – including general purpose and specialized computer laboratories to meet the program needs of the institution.

6.12.1 Computer and students ratio;

6.12.2 LCDs and other equipment;

6.12.3 Details on Internet speed, computer hardware and availability of software.

6.13 Appropriate training to faculty, staff and students are provided on the use of technology resources.

6.13.1 Training sessions for faculty, staff and students;

6.13.2 Reports on training programs.

6.14 Adequate and properly trained staff provides technological support as well as assist students for as long as classes are being held.

6.14.1 Schedules of staff providing support to students.


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